Loss of energy (chi) after se*!

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Loss of energy (chi) after se*!

losing energy after

No matter how experienced you are sexually, or how mature, being able to last longer during sexual intercourse is the goal of every man who wants to prolong his partner’s pleasure and his own.

By practicing ejaculation mastery you will be able to achieve these goals.

What is Ejaculation Mastery?

Basically, it is using Tantric wisdom and practices to gain absolute control of when you ejaculate. Male ejaculation can be controlled by learning to relax during high states of arousal.

According to Somraj Pokras, who wrote the ebook, “Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery”…

“Relaxing in high states of arousal is the foundation. Tantric lovemaking is typically much slower than the fast pumping you see in porn flicks. Just by going slower you’ll be more relaxed, and relaxation lets you open your awareness, heighten your senses, and focus your mind. Focus on what? Why, on pleasure in the moment, of course. If you can appreciate how great your vajra feels now, you’ll be more willing to relax and go slow.”

Somraj Pokras suggests that his readers use what he calls the R.A.M.P.E.R method which stands for: Relax, Awareness, Measure, Pace Yourself, Energy Circulation and Ride The Wave.

By following this method, which he explains in detail in his e-course, anyone can learn to gain ultimate ejaculation mastery and experience ecstatic lovemaking.

Learn More About Ejaculation Mastery

For men who are interested in learning special techniques for delaying ejaculation, which will help them to last longer during sexual intercourse, there are various forms of teaching tools, streaming how-to videos, illustrated books, e-books, e-courses and workshops.

Loss of energy (chi) after sex!

Dear Suzie,
I’d been married for 17 years to a wonderful woman. We are both 39 years old, but after having excellent sex with my wife, I become very, very tired…almost exhausted…the rest of the day. It’s like after sex I don’t have energy for anything else. I feel really bad about this because my wife does not feel the same way. She say it gives her more energy!

Because of the way I feel after sex, I have been trying not to have sex as often as we used to, but my wife is not satisfied – she says she needs to have sex more often – at least three times a week. I can’t keep up with her. I already went to the doctor and he prescribed me a hormone patch (Androderm 5 mg per day). I’ve been with this treatment for a year and it does not seem to help me. What can I do?

Please help me, R. S.

Dear R. S.,
The hormone patch may not be sufficient – you should see your doctor again to be re-evaluated. Taking PassionRX may help you too. It is a great quality product and will probably work – it’s worth a try.

In the big picture, ejaculating does in fact cause a loss of what the Chinese Taoists call chi. Chi is the life force energy that gives us our passionate nature in life – passion for everything that we do. Men and women are born with varying amounts, according to their personal nature. Not knowing you personally and your day-to-day life situation, you may be on the slightly lower end of the scale when it comes to chi. Whatever the case is, you may have a win-win situation here.

The Taoists say that for every ten years of a man’s life he should refrain from ejaculating to an appropriate amount of times during any given month. For a forty-year-old man it’s around twice a month. This means you can have sex, even have orgasms, but you don’t necessarily have to ejaculate.

Learning a few Taoist techniques for circulating the orgasmic energy and chi energy and mastering the techniques involved in having orgasms without ejaculating is pretty easy stuff and it sounds like your wife will be very willing to help you learn. A dedicated wife can be essential to learning these techniques. A partner that is not willing to help can actually be detrimental. By the way, you will probably see results in as little as two weeks.

The techniques involve self-stimulation or partner stimulation to the point of noticing that you are in a zone near the point of no return. On a scale of 1 to 10 that might be a 7, initially – but each time you practice that 7 will get closer to the 10 – and pretty rapidly if you are the average man trying these sexercises. At that point you’ll learn how to expand the orgasmic feeling so fully that you will begin to have orgasms, re-circulate the energy, and not go over the top.

It’s best if you get yourself a good book or a video and book combination. It’s best if your lover has something to read about too, because it is a little harder for the woman to recognize what you are doing.

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